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Well! Something New has Been Added!

Writer, Director, Actor, Cartoonist, Publisher, Storyboard Artist, Movie Extra... Who is Rob Walton?

Hailing from the frozen tundra of East Toronto, I've been working in the Animation Biz since 1991 when I joined Nelvana's design department to do my part in bringing fifty-two episodes of Beetlejuice to television.

In 1994 I began storyboarding full time. I became an Assistant Director in 1997 and made the move to Supervising Director in 2000 on Nelvana's "Committed" starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.

As well as my work in animation, I have written and drawn several comic book series, most notably, "The Devil's Hammer" a Grendel Tale for Dark Horse in 1993, and my own self-published political and social satire, "Ragmop," from 1995-1997 for which I earned two Eisner Award Nominations. "Ragmop" was rewritten, drawn, and edited and published as a single volume, 462 page graphic novel in October of 2006. It was subsequently nominated for two 2007 Joe Schuster Awards, including "Outstanding Canadian Cartoonist".

I have written four un-produced screenplays, three un-produced television pilots for animation, one novel in progress, and countless wayward comic book scripts for Marvel and DC. Needless to say, I take rejection well.

Perhaps the closest anyone has come to the truth about me was comics creator Matt Wagner who confided to comics übersponge Joe Matt: "Rob Walton? Oh, man, yeah! He was like a priest or something. Then he went crazy and shot someone. Now he draws comics." True story. Which only goes to show that the truth is out there. Waaaaaaaaaaaay out there!

It's in here too. Come on in and explore.

For Rob's Resumé (in PDF format) click here

For Rob's Resumé (in MS Word format) click here

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